Is day to day stress getting you down? Try hugging a cow.

As crazy as it sounds, cow cuddling is the new stress busting activity in Europe, specifically the Netherlands.

According to the BBC this is part of a back to nature trend that began a few years ago but the added stress of the pandemic has caused people around the world to, um, embrace the idea even more. (sorry)

Some say there actually are health benefits like reduced anxiety that people get from hugging a big, warm cow.

It's important to note that not all cows are cool with being hugged. Just like people, some cows are more social than others. Those who don't want to be hugged have been known to chase people out of their pasture from time to time.

When a cow has had enough cuddling, she will just stand up and walk away and that's the end of that. They're much bigger than we are and when they're done, they're done.

I'm not aware of any cow cuddling locations here in North Texas, so don't stop by the side of the road and wander out into someone's pasture looking for a hug. I grew up in cow country most of those cows wouldn't have taken too kindly to some random stranger walking up and trying to snuggle with them.

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