OK, I've never actually seen any of the Frozen movies but I'm pretty sure Elsa was supposed to be one of the good guys. Try telling that to the Madonia family in Houston.

According to a story on Coast To Coast AM and KPRC in Houston the Madonias have unsuccessfully tried to discard this particular Elsa doll twice. It all started when they got the doll as a Christmas gift for their daughter in 2013, around two years later the doll started alternating between English and Spanish when prompted to speak. Nevertheless, the family hung onto the doll until a few weeks ago when they decided it was time to take a cue from Elsa in the movie and just 'Let It Go.' So they did. Or so they thought.

After being thrown away with the trash, the doll somehow reappeared inside a bench inside their house. None of the kids admit to retrieving it. To add to the story, the doll is now only speaking in Spanish.



Once again the Madonia family tried to throw the doll away. This time they double bagged it and placed it in the bottom of their trash can, under the rest of their garbage. Checking later to see that, yes, the doll and the rest of the trash had been picked up on schedule.

Can you guess what happened next? Yup, the doll came back. This time it was discovered leaning up against the outside of their house.

The Madonias were at a loss as to why Elsa wouldn't leave and reached out on social media for help. They have now sent the doll on a one way trip (they hope) to Minnesota where Elsa can enjoy the long, cold winters. Hopefully she'll stay there.

C'mon, Elsa, it's time to just let Houston and the Madonia family go.



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