Around this time of the year, everyone has political signs in their yards. This woman decided to have some fun, but not everybody thought it was funny.

Over in Gatesville, Texas, police were called out to Brooke McCrone's home. Why were they there? To take down her political sign and fine her $500.  Woah, can't have a political sign in your yard? Turns out, Brooke's sign is fake, it's not for an actual candidate. It looks like it from a distance with the red, white, and blue background.

It reads, 'I'm an asshole. Not running for anything, just wanted a sign.' I thought it was funny, but someone in Brooke's neighborhood didn't think so. She was fined for disorderly conduct of abusive or foul language in public. "They might not agree with the sign, but it's my First Amendment right," said Brooke McCrone.

McCrone said she's ready to take things to court and let the judge decide if her freedom of speech is in fact offensive. Some neighbors have defended the sign and want it back up. The police department says they have gotten several calls about it and since this house is near a school bus stop. They decided it needed to come down. We will see if Brooke goes through with her suit.

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