It was a major turning point in my young life when I finally convinced my parents that I was ready for a Daisy BB gun. Many an hour was spent setting up my little green soldier men in the sandbox next to the garage and picking them off one by one. I shot that thing until it was so worn out the BB barely traveled three feet.

So you can imagine my delight when I saw that Daisy had created an adult sized Red Ryder BB gun.

The Daisy Red Ryder was the BB gun that every kid wanted, especially Ralphie in A Christmas Story. That didn't turn out all that well for Ralphie, but these air rifles are the perfect way to teach firearm safety to young boys and girls.

Internally these adult-sized air rifles seem to be identical to the youth-sized model with both having a claimed velocity of 350 feet per second, but the adult-sized rifle is a little bit beefier in their external dimensions so it fits better in a grownup's hands. These adult sized Red Ryder BB guns will only be available for a limited time and should be available wherever Daisy air rifles are sold.

If you get one, have fun, just don't shoot anybody's eye out.




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