Time for another rant and I thought it was something we could all agree on.

This is gonna come off as me hating the Eagles, which it is a little bit for sure. Just know if you're an Eagles fan this is not directed at you. This is directed at so-called Dallas Cowboys 'fans'. I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan as long as I can remember. If I knew one thing about being a Cowboys fan, it was you hate the Philadelphia Eagles.

The team, the fans, hell even the city for the most part. The Eagles are the team that put bounties out to injure Troy Aikman. The Eagles are the fans that threw batteries at Jimmy Johnson when he was leaving the field. The Eagles are the fans that cheered when Michael Irvin had his career-ending injury. When Deion Sanders came to check on his teammate, a 'Deion Sucks' chant started throughout the stadium. I mean, they threw snowballs at Santa. Not Cowboys related, but how would you want to be a part of this fanbase as a Cowboys fan?

This is what I saw last night, people who call themselves Cowboys fans, rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles. Why? Here are the excuses I heard and that is what they're, excuses. 'Can't have the Patriots get six. We want the NFC East to be the first division with all Super Bowl teams. Can't support Tom Brady or the cheaters.' Seriously people, you're rooting for the f***ing Eagles and that is the best you come up with?!

Listen to me, if the aliens from 'Space Jam' came down to play football in the Super Bowl and stole talent from NFL players. The new Monstars are taking on the Eagles in football, you root for the damn Monstars. The only fanbase and team worse than them are the Yankees, but that is another topic for another day.

I have been told by Philadephia Eagles fans, if they beat the Cowboys twice in a season, that was a successful season. A coach is good in Philly if he demolishes the Cowboys every year. So congrats Cowboys fans, you hopped on a bandwagon that could literally give two s***s about you.

I am gonna close it out with this. If you think you would ever want to root for this fanbase again. Go to Philadelphia, in your Dallas Cowboys gear and let me know how that goes. I have done it and I PROMISE you will regret ever rooting for the Eagles.

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