How could you hurt that little thing? Let alone kill it. 

35-year-old Thyren Justus, a nurse in Dallas, has been accused of gruesomely killing his puppy. Police were called to his apartment after complaints about a disturbance at the residence early Sunday morning (March 20).

The 911 caller said that they heard loud noises and stomping coming from Justus' house, along with a dog barking and whining. When police arrived they found a dead dog with a fractured skull and mangled leg.

According to Police documents, Justus had bite and scratch marks but that he couldn't get his story straight about what happened after he came home from the St. Patrick's Day parade and party.

Justus gave police three different stories. He first told them the dog was dead when he got home, then he changed his story to say his dog was jumping around and then died outside. His final story was that the dog went to the bathroom in his kennel so Justus "popped him on the nose," shook him, and then put him in the shower to wake him up.

Justus has been charged with torturing a non-livestock animal.