Every Dallas based professional sports team is home the next few days. If you wanted to go to EVERY game, what would it cost? I'll do the math for you.

This Has Only Happened Once Before

I did a story yesterday on how cool it is to be a Dallas sports fan right now and if you want to be a part of Dallas sports history. You could see every team play over the next four days. I'll tell you how much each ticket would cost at the lowest/ highest price points as of right now.

Dallas Stars Play Tonight at 7

Toronto Maple Leafs v Dallas Stars
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Let's get the streak going with some hockey as the Dallas Stars take on the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight at 7.

Cheapest Ticket: $34 (Fees Included) Section 302 Row J

Priciest Ticket: $685 (Fees Included) Section 113 Row B

Dallas Mavericks Play the Nets Friday Night

Brooklyn Nets v Dallas Mavericks
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Yes, I know the World Series starts Friday, but if you want to complete the Dallas sports cycle, Mavericks go down Friday night against the Brooklyn Nets. Plus it's the Mavericks home opener.

Cheapest Ticket: $51 (Fees Included) Section 316 Row E

Priciest Ticket: $3,270 (Fees Included) Floor Seats Row AA

Texas Rangers World Series Game 2 on Saturday

Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks
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Please note, I am looking at ticket prices for game two right now and I was prepared for this to be the priciest game of the weekend and boy is it.

Standing Room Ticket: $528 (Fees Included)

Cheapest Ticket With a Seat: $926 (Fees Included) Section 326 Row 8

Priciest Ticket With a Seat: $23,964 (Fees Included) Section 13 Row 2

Dallas Cowboys Close Out the Weekend Against the Rams

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams
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Finally we have the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium for the early game on Sunday.

Standing Room Ticket: $27 (Fees Included)

Cheapest Ticket With a Seat: $98 (Fees Included) Section 434 Row 19

Priciest Ticket With a Seat: $2,126 (Fees Included) Section 119 Row

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How Much Would This Dallas Sports Weekend Cost?

I am not counting standing room tickets because I always want a seat when I go to a game. So if I were to do everything this weekend. Just on tickets I would be spending $1,109. 80% of the money would be going to the Texas Rangers. What about the Big Baller tickets?


Brace yourselves for this one. To have the best seat at every Dallas sporting event this weekend, it would cost you $30,045. You could get a decent car or be a part of Dallas sports history. You decide. All ticket prices taken from Gametime, tickets tend to decrease in price closer to the event. All info taken on Thursday, October 26th.

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