Sounds fake, totally real. I can't believe I wrote that headline either.

Strange story coming out of Starr County, Texas. Ana Lisa Garza, a Starr County district court judge, is challenging Rio Grande City Democrat Ryan Guillen for the District 31 seat he’s held for eight terms. Ana's campaign funds are quite interesting. Garza received $36,500 in monetary donations and $51,000 in in-kind donations. Those in-kind donations are in the form of deer semen.

That's right, this lady is sitting on thousands of dollars of deer semen. Very prominent deer breeders are giving Ana deer straws, basically vials of semen. One straw is worth around one thousand bucks depending on how strong the male specimen is. “Semen is a very common way for us to donate,”  Fred Gonzalez said. “One collection on a buck could lead to 60 straws sometimes. If you have a desirable animal, it’s a way to bring value without breaking the bank.”

All I imagine now is that the economy in South Texas all revolves around deer semen. The Texas Deer Association’s political action committee has received $976,025 in deer semen donations between 2006 and 2016. It has given $885,695 to campaigns and interest groups in the same span.

Granted the politician isn't literally collecting deer semen, but she is taking the money from it. Texas, you officially have the weirdest campaign contributions I have ever heard of.

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