Hang on. I thought we don't rip off Jose Altuve's shirt?

Will I ever let the Houston Astros cheating scandal go? Probably not. It's just insane to me how minor the Astro's punishment was for cheating their way to a World Series victory. They were fined $5 million and forfeited their first- and second-round picks in the 2020 and 2021 drafts. No players were suspended because they cooperated with the investigation, which I thought was bulls***.

Now a big argument with the cheating scandal was how the Astros cheated. Major League Baseball has confirmed the Astros use of a trashcan and video monitors to cheat. You can see an example of a game against the White Sox in the video above. Another way they have been accused of cheating is players wearing a buzzer when certain pitches would be thrown it would buzz. This one MLB says they don't have enough evidence to prove this was real.

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Now the big belief for this one was back in 2019 in the ALCS against the Yankees. Jose Altuve hits a walk off to advance the Astros to the World Series. After the hit, while coming home, he tells his teammates not to rip his jersey off. Why? Your team is going to the World Series who cares?! Jose has said his wife doesn't like when his teammates do this and also he has a tattoo he is embarrassed off.

That tattoo is another crazy story you can read about here. By the way, I think your wife would understand in this situation why the shirt was ripped off. If you're anything like me, you thought he was wearing a buzzer. He goes straight to the dugout after crossing home, that way he can change into the ALCS champs shirt without the buzzer being shown. That's my theory.

Fast forward to this weekend with a series against these same New York Yankees. Guess what? Altuve hit another walkoff, however this time. We get to rip his shirt off showing no buzzer. So what is it Altuve? I thought your teammates were not allowed to rip your shirt off? Don't want the wife getting mad, the tattoo, or what other crap you want us to believe. Basically this weekend the Astros were like see we can beat the Yankees without cheating.

I can't believe I just wrote a story where I feel bad for the Yankees. That's how much I hate cheaters.

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