Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday, and just like so many aspects of 2020 many of us are doing it differently this year.

According to a story on PRNewswire about two thirds of us are having a smaller meal at our own home. That means a lot of people will be preparing the entire Thanksgiving feast instead of just bringing a side of potatoes, a dessert, or in my case usually a bag of salad or chips.

With more homes taking on the whole meal preparation for themselves, a lot of first-time cooks are understandably concerned about getting it right.

Sure, they've prepared meals for their immediate family day in and day out for a long time, but Thanksgiving is supposed to be special.

Fortunately, we have Campbell's Dinner Insurance. Since Campbell soup is an ingredient in lots of Thanksgiving meal side dish items they put together a website with several no-fail recipes to take some of the stress out of your holiday.

From stuffing to mashed potatoes to baked brie and the ever-popular green bean casserole, they have several simple to prepare side dish recipes for you. After all, it's the side dishes that really make the meal special and Campbell doesn't want yours to go ... sideways.

To that end Campbell's Dinner Insurance promises that if one of their no-fail recipes doesn't turn out right, they'll deliver one of four limited side dish replacement options to you to save the day. Options may vary based on location and availability.

It looks like my own traditional Thanksgiving plans aren't going to work this year so I've been mulling over what I'll do instead. Right now I'm leaning toward Thanksgiving pizza, home baked from my freezer to my oven to my plate. Of course I'll finish the meal out with a healthy salad as a side dish and some pumpkin pie for dessert.


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