A motorcyclist wearing a camera caught the moment when a man driving a white car swerved into the lane of passing motorcycle on a county road about 5 miles north of Grandbury, Texas.

The man hit on the motorcycle, Eric Sanders, was thrown from the bike. His girlfriend, who was on the bike with him, had to be airlifted to a nearby medical facility and treated for a broken wrist and for abrasions all over her body.

The man driving the car that hit the motorcyclists can be heard on the video saying that he didn't care that he hit them. The driver of the car seemed to be a bit upset that the couple was trying to pass him on the road, where double yellow lines were.

Sure, the cyclists may have been in the wrong for passing him on this section of the road, but that does not give this man the right to hit them while passing.

The driver of the car claims that a wasp stung him and that's what forced his wreck less driving. He was not arrested at the moment, but police are now investigating the accident after this video surfaced.

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