We've all heard the saying "turn around, don't drown" and we all know that if the street is flooded, you shouldn't drive through it. We also all know that you shouldn't drink and drive. Well, maybe we don't actually ALL know those things, because one person in Bowie, TX allegedly did both of them, and the whole thing was caught on tape.

Debbie Hoover posted the video on Facebook of the incident. You see a white SUV come up to the flooded area on Mill street at the railroad underpass. You also see police lights flashing at the SUV warning them. Apparently that wasn't enough to stop them, as the SUV starts driving into the flood

It doesn't take long for the car to end up in way too deep of water. That's when the police had to step in. They got the driver out and, according to comments on the post, gave them a DWI. Good thing they probably won't be driving anytime soon. That car is going to need some time to dry out.

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