42-year-old Jackie DeVita lived in Venice, Florida with her husband Richard and their three children.

She found out in 2007 that she had terminal cancer, and only had a year to live.  So she went to her sister Colleen Leary with a dying request .

Colleen was a year younger and had never been married.  So Jackie took off her wedding ring, gave it to Colleen, and asked her to take her place as wife and mother.

Colleen lived alone and didn't date much, she spent a lot of time with Richard and Jackie and she was already like a second mother to the kids . She and Jackie both worked as hygienists in Richard's dental office.

Colleen refused to take the ring at the time, but when Jackie died a year later, she left Richard a note that said,

"Sorry, Richard, I want Colleen to take care of the kids, and I hope you understand."

So three months after Jackie's funeral, Richard and Colleen got married and Colleen wears Jackie's ring and is raising her kids.

They say that many of their friends and family disapproved, so they just recently decided to talk about their story.


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