If you're a fan of El Chico and live near the base, you're going to have to drive a little further to the location on Southwest Parkway. 

We're now down to one El Chico location in Wichita Falls. The Central Freeway location closed down on New Years day.

Employees said the deadline to renew the lease ran up and the owners could not come up with an agreement. According to TRN,

County records show that a lien for $53,216 was levied on the business Dec. 11. Owed was $40,339 to the state, $9,008 to the city of Wichita Falls, $2,610 for transit, $297 to the county and $960 to another entity.

According to a health department inspection done in November, there was evidence of cockroaches in the restaurant and improper sanitation of utensils and "Food contact surfaces." However, health violations played no role in the closing of the restaurant.

All employees of the El Chico on Central Freeway were given the opportunity to transfer to the Southwest Parkway location and continue their employment with the company.

Whatever the reason, it's sad to see a business close up in our town.