Making lemons into lemonade or dead trees into elephants.

Although the weather today is gorgeous, just a few weeks ago, parts of Texas were hit with some pretty severe ice. Every year we see that decaying trees really start to break away once an ice storm rolls through. Deborah Alexander had a tree in her front yard for the past 32 years, sadly it had some fungus and beetles eating away at it recently. However, the ice storm took the tree out for good a few weeks ago.

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Once all the branches were cleared away, a pretty big stump was left on the property in Austin, Texas. Deborah could have gotten a company to come and remove the stump. She decided to call someone who carves wood for a living and decided to see if he could do something with this stump in her yard.

Apparently Deborah is a big fan of elephants and asked if she could get one in her front yard. Although the artist had never done an elephant before, they decided to see if they could try. I won't lie. I would much rather have this elephant in my front yard than a tree. This looks way cooler.

The elephant now even has their own wooden fence protecting them. Apparently the box elder tree that was in her front yard, came from a twig from her grandparents tree. Although the tree's branches are gone, the tree is still alive in the front yard and is probably getting a lot more attention as an elephant than it ever did back in the day.

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