It looks like filming will be taking place over the next two weeks starting tomorrow.

If you would have told me that Mary Kate and Ashley's younger sister would somehow become more famous than them in the 90's, I would have called you the biggest liar. I don't even know if kids nowadays even know who Mary Kate and Ashley are, but I bet they know Elizabeth Olsen.


She has been killing it as Wanda Maximoff in the 'Avengers' movies and the Wandavision TV show. Plus not a bad role in the 'Godzilla' reboot from a few years ago. Looks like she is currently hard at work filming in Texas for a series called "Love and Death". If you love true crime shows, you will want to tune into this.

The story takes place in 1980's Texas where the events that take place are based off of Candy Montgomery's Friday the 13th murder of her friend. She was apparently having an affair with her friend's husband which caused this whole ordeal to take place. Candy Montgomery was found not guilty for the murder.


We will see how this show decides to show the story once it airs sometime later this year. 'Love and Death' is currently filming in Georgetown, Texas starting tomorrow through March 5th. It looks like the majority of the filming the next few days will be taking place at the Williamson County Courthouse, so maybe this is where the trial will be filmed?

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Not a lot of details are being released right now, but local residents can expect road closures and traffic the next few weeks in town. Just a heads up TWO different shows are currently being filmed on this murder. "Love and Death" on HBO(mentioned above) and also one for Hulu called 'Candy' which will be starring Jessica Biel.

If you love True Crime and Texas stories, looks like you will be getting your fix later on this year.

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