Probably gonna be one of the best fireworks shows in Wichita Falls, but that is not everything that is going on. 

Freedom Fest is kicking off at 3:30 and the general public needs to go in through the Missle Road entrance. Some rules for Freedom Fest are in place, obviously because it is a military base. No large bags, coolers, drugs, alcohol, knives, guns, drones, weapons (such as tasers/ pepper spray). Also, no pets will be allowed at Freedom Fest.

Remember the event itself is totally free, but vendors will be setup. Selling food and other goodies. So be sure you bring some money for that so you don't go hungry. A kids play area will be at Freedom Fest and an unlimited pass is available for five bucks. Children wanting to play in the play area are encouraged to wear swimsuits since they do have water slides.

Yes, you can bring stuff to Freedom Fest. Bring your cameras, folding chairs, strollers, food. Just as long as they don't break the rules listed above. For instance coolers or large bags. Below I have added the schedule for Freedom Fest. Have a great Fourth of July.

4:00pm • Roxy Roca

6:00pm • Erick Willis

7:45pm • Sheppard Leadership Welcome

8:00pm • Armed Forces Pass & Review

8:25pm • Def Leggend

10:02pm • Fireworks

BONUS: Sheppard Air Force Base Air Show

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