Nothing says “Welcome to Dallas, Lionel Messi” like a good old-fashioned fan brawl.

Of course, the weekend's big story was soccer legend Lionel Messi, who now plays for Inter Miami of Major League Soccer, making his first appearance in Dallas since signing with the team.

Even my interest was piqued by the game, and I’m not a big soccer fan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those sports fans that hates on it. It’s just that I have a pretty full sports fandom plate between the Cowboys, Rangers, Mavs, and Stars.

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But I’ve always heard that attending a game can convert someone into a fan. So who knows, maybe I’ll go to Frisco for a match one of these days and may find that I can fit another Dallas team in to root for. But admittedly, I’ve suffered enough heartache at the hands of the aforementioned teams over the years.

Anyway, back to last night’s game. Tempers flared between a few fans during the match. One of the guys involved in the brawl was wearing a Messi jersey and the other two were wearing FC Dallas colors.

A video shared by a person commenting on Dallas Texas TV showed a beer being thrown at the guy in the Messi jersey, which set everything off. That'll do it every time.

Comments from Dallas Texas TV

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