Houston Clash: Rapper and Man Solve Fight with Fists Outside Texas Club!

On a wild night at a Texas club, things got heated between a local rapper and another rascal.

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They ended up fighting right outside the club in Houston. Well, they were throwing punches. Can it be called a fight if known of their respective offenses made contact?


It all started with words, but it quickly turned physical. Both guys looked like they were extremely heated, and they started throwing punches. People around couldn't believe what they were seeing. It was turning out to be an actual rap battle.


Stay Out of It

Absolutely none of the people watching this go down attempted to break up the scuffle, but the guys were too caught up in the moment anyway. I imagine they were waiting for a punch to actually land. There was not much to break up here unless you were worried about air getting punched.


Put Them Out of Their Misery

Eventually, they stopped fighting, both feeling bruised and embarrassed.

Even though they fought, there was a sort of respect between them afterward. It's a reminder of how things can get tense in the city but also how people can find common ground, even after a fight.


The story will stick around in Houston's history, showing how music and passion can bring people together, even in tough moments.

Check out the video below:

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