By now you've heard the buzz that we're getting an indoor soccer team in Wichita Falls. If you're interested in trying out for the team, here's your chance! And they've waived the tryout fees! (If you already registered and paid the $50 fee, it will be refunded to you.)

Tryouts for the new FC Wichita Falls team will be Saturday, Feburary 2nd, at Kay Yeager Coliseum and start at 8:00 a.m. Their new Head Coach Brandon Swartzendruber and Volunteer Assistant Coach Compolino want to see what kind of talent the Wichita Falls area has to offer.

In a recent press release Coach Swartzendruber said, "We are lucky to have some really talented local players, and I don't want any of them to miss a chance to tryout for the team. We decided that waiving the Registration fee would be the best way to give us the opportunity to see the best of the best in Texoma."

To tryout for the FC Wichita Falls you must be at least 18 years old and out of High School. Dress to play and bring your cleats, you'll need them!

Fans who want to watch their friends try out or just want a sneak peek at our new indoor soccer team are welcome to watch for a $5 entrance fee at the door.

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You can follow the FC Wichita Falls on facebook to keep up with team developments and upcoming games.

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