Have you muttered the phrase "I need a vacation" to yourself or someone else recently? You're not alone. A new study published by Yahoo! News indicated that the average American feels that way about three times a week. That's a bunch of unhappy workers.

The reasons we all need a break every now and then are pretty common and we've all experienced most of them. Sleeping through your alarm is a surefire indicator that you need a little time off. Parenting and family stress can work its way into your workday and cause trouble. Generally feeling tired came in second on the list and stress at work came in at number one.

Beyond these indicators that we should actually use some of the PTO we've built up over the year, Americans also used the holidays as an excuse to do so. And when it came to taking trips over the holidays 44% said they'd rather go alone than with their family. Another 34% said they'd rather give up chocolate than stay home and spend the holidays with their family. Wow! I think we can see why they need a vacation.

PTO usually ends at the end of the year and not all companies let you roll it over, maybe it's time to check what's available and make your travel plans.

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