A woman's purse was forcefully snatched from her in a brazen act of theft. 

From the post:

Suspects follow female into shopping center parking lot on June 5 at the 5700 block of Hillcroft and forcibly take her purse from her while still in the vehicle. If you have info about this case, please call @CrimeStopHOU@houstonpolice


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The video at the bottom of this article is security camera footage from a shopping center parking lot in Houston, TX.

Was She Paying Attention at All?

I'm going to go ahead and say what a lot of us are thinking:  This would not have happened to me. Seriously.  How can you be so unaware of your environment?  The behavior of the folks driving the robber's car where acting SO sketchy.


Lock You Doors

If you're gut is telling you something is wrong, and there's a car that keeps driving up to you and then moving back, maybe at least keep your doors locked. Definitely don't get out of your car. At least she wasn't hurt, thank goodness.


The End

That's it, if you recognize the car or the people in it, please call @CrimeStopHOU@houstonpolice


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