You may have seen footage this past weekend of a Walmart worker losing it on a customer. She has come out and let us know what got her to the boiling point.

Up in Tulsa, Oklahoma this past Saturday there was an incident at the Walmart. If you have been to Walmart before, you know sometimes they have someone at the exit checking your receipt. One woman was refusing to let the Walmart employee check their receipt. Don't really know why that was such a big deal to the customer, but she was just going to leave the store.

Another employee named Laja Jefferson came to the aid of her co-worker saying she needed to hand over her receipt. I have no idea what the exchange was before the video began, but it was enough to get Jefferson to the point of seeing red. Jefferson flipped a cart over and told the customer to 'Get the f*** out!'

The customer said, "I'm paying for this...I was talking to her! You should stay out of it — stay out of it." Two employees came over to calm Jefferson down and she later apologized for her actions. Wal-Mart has let go of Jefferson after her outburst.

"We expect our associates to treat customers with respect at all times," the store said in a statement Monday to KTUL. "We do not tolerate actions like those seen in this video and the individual involved is no longer with the company."

"As it's going on, I'm like 'ugh, I wish I didn't let her get me to that point,'" Laja Jefferson, the former Walmart employee, said. "I really do regret it."

Yes, that woman should have been fired for her outburst. However, to the customer. Did you really need to not show your receipt? What are you hiding or are you in that big of a hurry you can't take the ten seconds to show your receipt? Yeah, it sucks that they assume you stole stuff, but just show the receipt to go about your day if you didn't steal anything.

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