Last week, people who lived near Fort Worth Zoo had something in common with the animals there.  They were both unable to leave their homes.  Residents in the neighborhood adjacent to the zoo were stuck inside due to a long line of cars waiting to get into the zoo’s parking lot.

During spring break last week, the Fort Worth Zoo ran a special promotion offering half priced admission.  The promotion worked very well, and was so successful that the zoo had a much larger turnout than they were originally expecting.  Families from across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex showed up in droves.

Unfortunately, this created major traffic problems in the area.  The line of vehicles to get into the zoo, was so long that it extended into the neighborhood that’s adjacent to the zoo.  In fact, the traffic jam was so bad that the residents who lived the homes nearby were unable to leave.  Their driveways were blocked by vehicles either waiting in line to get into the zoo’s parking lot, and trying to get to their own houses.

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One local resident told the Fort Worth Star Telegram that she’s lived in the neighborhood next to the zoo for 31 years, and has never seen zoo traffic this bad.

Fort Worth police dispatched 20 officers to direct the flow of traffic, and eventually the roads cleared up.  The city will hold a meeting in a few weeks to discuss the traffic problems at the zoo.  Hopefully they make the necessary adjustments to prevent this from ever happening again.   I don’t think that the residents in the neighborhood enjoy being stuck at home like the caged animals at the zoo.

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