Christmas is a wonderful holiday. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, we reach out to friends and family we don't interact with nearly enough, we spend a ton of money on gifts ... Wait a minute ... That last one might not be so wonderful.

If gift buying seems to get out of hand in your family - and you know who you are - here's an idea that lets you enjoy the gift of giving without breaking the bank. This year tell your kids they get four gifts, and only four. But those gifts are broken down into individual categories; something they Want, something they Need, something to Wear, and something to Read.

Something they Want could be just about anything, a new game, a new toy, an upgrade to their band instrument, whatever fits into the overall budget. You can even coordinate with the big guy in the red suit and let them ask Santa for this item.

Something they Need could be a school item or any other boring but necessary thing that you were going to have to get anyway.

Something they Wear would be an article of clothing. They can even have some input in this one and instead of getting the less expensive brand of sneakers they get the latest fashion trend that all of their friends are wearing. You were going to have to buy shoes anyway.

Something they Read could be the latest novel in the series that they're reading, or even an honest-to-God printed magazine subscription. The plus to this is that it will get your child reading something and that's always a good thing.

Something they Want, something they Need, something they Wear, something they Read. Many parents are swearing by this four gift rule and say it's saving them tons of money at Christmas time but still puts plenty of presents under the tree.

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