They couldn't sell it, so the owners are giving away a two story, four bedroom house in Younsville, Louisiana.

You may think that's a heck of a deal, but there's more to the story. According to a story in The Mirror, the owners originally tried to sell the house, but after multiple reports of the home being haunted no one stepped up and put their money down. Now the owners are just trying to give it away.

The home was originally built back in the late 1920s or early 1930s and one former resident speculates that the ghost, or whatever it is, could be the disembodied spirit of her grandmother, Adele. It seems that her grandmother used to habitually check all of the pots and pans that were being used on the stove by lifting the lid and stirring the contents. That's exactly what some of the other former occupants say had happened to them while living there. In fact things go so ... interesting ... for one former owner that they reportedly hired ghost hunters to banish and spirits living there.

Sylvia McClain, a realtor in Louisiana, has the property listing. You can see photos and read more on her Facebook page. While the house is being given away it does come with a normal catch to go along with the paranormal one. You don't get the property and have to pay to move the house to its new location and refurbish the lot where the house is now. All of that is expected to cost around $80,000.

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