Welcome to Jumanji 2020, Level 5. Your new opponent: Giant 'Murder' Hornets from Asia.

Yup. Just when you thought things started settling down a bit comes the story about giant hornets being spotted in the United States. These bugs are big, too! Up to two inches long, that's about five times the size of the average honey bee. And that's part of the problem, aside from being scary as all get out and potentially deadly if enough of them sting you, these giant hornets feast on bees and we need the bees to keep things pollinated.

It's been reported that in Japan, where these things originated,  they are credited with killing up to 50 people a year.

So far there have only been four sightings in two locations on our continent; in Washington state and in British Columbia, Canada. On the surface that doesn't sound like much but the way this year has gone so far ...

I guess we can all go out and buy bee keeper suits to go along with our corona virus masks.

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