A game warden in Kansas pulled off a ridiculous shot to free up two bucks whose antlers were tangled together.

Earlier this week, the Kansas Wildlife Parks and Tourism posted footage of the encounter recorded by game warden Lynn Koch's body camera on Dec. 20. The video shows two bucks struggling to free themselves while Koch asks fellow game warden Brad Hageman, "Should I just try to shoot the antler?"

The bucks were far from exhausted and it was too dangerous to get too close, so Koch pulls out his .45 Glock and says, "All right, boys, hold still. Hold still." He was about 20 feet away from the two deer when he took careful aim and shot where the antlers were tangled. After making the incredible shot, the two bucks hop up and run away.

Koch told the Wichita Eagle that he and Hageman had chased the two bucks for over a mile. He says the animals weren't' locked up head to head, but side by side instead. "They could really move," Koch said. "We followed them across creeks, through trees and (tall grass) fields. Finally they end up on the ice, and fell long enough for me to make a lucky shot.”

Had the warden not freed them, the two bucks would have most likely died from exhaustion, starvation, or eaten by coyotes.

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