Want to stock up? This place has quite the interesting ammo set up.

So I happened to stumble upon this tweet below today and it got me thinking. Where the hell is this place?

You know what this looks like? When you stay at one of those hotels with a continental breakfast and they have all the different cereals in the dispensers. Give it a twist to give you the perfect amount of Frosted Flakes to start your morning out. Except at this establishment, it's ammo. The video just says Texas, which in case the person that made this did not know. Texas, kinda a big place. So let me do some digging into this to find out where it is.

Check Out Alpine Shooting Range in Fort Worth

Looks like the 'ammo bar' has been a staple of the establishment since sometime in 2019. According to an old article, the reason for the cereal like dispenser was to give customers an option to not buy an entire box of ammo if they didn't think it was necessary. Apparently some folks thought this was in Idaho a few years ago, but come on. This had to be in Texas.

Check out Alpine Shooting Range in Fort Worth at 5482 Shelby Road. They're open seven days a week from 9AM until 6PM. The just put up the video above about two months ago and at the 32 second mark in the video. You can see that ammo bar is still in and ready for you to give it a go.

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