If you’ve always dreamt of capturing the elusive Bigfoot, National Parks are making it just a little harder. They’re now requiring a permit if you want to go hunting for Sasquatch, and one man found out the hard way.

He took a group “hunting” at the Buffalo National River, and had charged for the trip. When they came upon a park ranger, he informed the leader of the group that he needed a permit to be doing such activities, and charged a $525 fine as a result of the man having no permit.

A ranger explained why the fee was implemented:

We're not in this to make a lot of money, but we are in this to protect our resources. If he's got people running around in the park, who knows what they're doing looking for this elusive creature?

There’s no word on how much such permits cost, but they’re probably less than the fine that’s doled out when you fail to get one. It makes me wonder… how much are you willing to pay for a Bigfoot hunting permit?