If you've ever seen a helicopter pig hunt video and thought "I'd like to do that," good news... It's a relatively short drive to the Pork Choppers Aviation HQ.

Welcome to Haskell. A very small Texas town home to, arguably, the best helicopter hog hunting outfit in the industry.

"Why" you ask? Well, feral hogs are currently reeking havoc across the country, and big agriculture states are getting hammered by these beasts. They are perfectly adapted to do two things in their short lives... Eat and make little pigs.

While it sounds like a natural process, it's the eating that really affects the ecology of affected areas. You see, pigs aren't like grazers that walk around eating the 'tops' off of whatever is growing. Pigs like to root. They literally dig their snouts into the dirt and dig up whatever they can. This in turn can devastate vast areas of farmland, completely wiping out entire crops.

For a pretty penny, you and a couple of buddies can drive a few hours down South and have your own hog day extravaganza. Hanging out of a helicopter, rifle in hand, class III tools, and a bucket of hot lead. You get a couple of hours to display your best efforts in the fight against these furry terrorists, and a pretty good story and video to go home with.

Sound like fun?

Here's the official PCA website. Their YouTube is also pretty active.

Get the guys together for an epic road trip. It's sure to be a blast.

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