And you thought New York City had a rodent problem!

What started as a simple drainage cleanout turned into something from the X-Files as a giant rat was discovered in the Mexico City sewer system the other day.

While the video is all in Spanish, Coast To Coast AM, a late night Radio talk show, tells us that the story goes something like this. The last few weeks have caused widespread flooding in parts of Mexico and the crews were out cleaning the drainage systems. It was a big job and yielded around 22 tons of garbage that had washed into the system as the flood waters raged.

While that may or may not be a record haul, this giant rat certainly had them wondering what the heck was going on.

As you can see, the ridiculous rodent caused quite a stir with the locals but for a while nobody stepped up to claim him so the mystery of how he got there continued.

Eventually Evelin Lopez, a local resident, came forward to say that the human sized rat was hers. It had originally been purchased as a Halloween decoration but it seems it had disappeared in an earlier flood a long time ago. She'd given up on ever finding it again until it reappeared recently. She was as surprised as anyone to find it again.

Once the mystery was solved and it was determined that no one had done anything illegal the rat was returned to its owner. No word on what she's going to do with it but considering how long it must have been hiding out in the sewer system it's a safe be she won't be using it as a Halloween decoration this year.

I'm not sure whether we should call Mulder and Scully or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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