We've all heard the hit from Little Big Town, 'Girl Crush.' Well one woman has decided to change it up a bit. Amber Albright took the original song and turned it into a worship song. Here's the new lyrics:

The Lords Touch

I felt the Lords Touch
It's hard to explain it but
It made my heart rush
No slowing me down

I want him real bad
Want everything he has
My smile and this mended laugh
He's given me now

I wanna hold his hand
Under the morning sun
I wanna give myself to the Holy One
I wanna brand new life
I wanna forget my sins
I'm throwing my hands up high
And giving it all to him

I felt the Lords touch x 2

I don't loose no sleep
I've got a brand new peace
In my heart now
He's defeated the Enemy

This Armor he's fit me in
There's no way I can't win
This battlefields mine
All my fears left behind


I felt the lords touch

I felt the lords touch
I had to admit cuz
It made my heart rush
Turned my whole life around