I decided to kick it old school last weekend and visit the nearby drive-in. Have you been yet? 

I have to admit, growing up in Maryland I was spoiled with my drive-in. I grew up about thirty minutes away from the biggest movie theater screen in America. I would go just about every other weekend over the summer. I loved the drive-in as a kid and when I got my license it was one of the first things I did with my car.

This past weekend I decided to finally venture out to Graham, Texas to visit their drive-in. I have been wanting to do this for years. I've lived here almost a decade and never went. Mainly because of the distance from Wichita Falls and I didn't want to be disappointed with the high reputation I have for drive-ins.

Seven bucks per person for two movies is awesome in my book. Which is about the cost of mine back in Maryland. What I love about this place, park where you want. I got a spot as close to dead center as I could. Now time for my favorite part of the drive-in, the food.

I know a drive-in only makes money from the snack bar, so I will buy my dinner there. Everything is reasonably priced and had your standard snack bar food. Except for a large root float with Blue Bell ice cream, yes I bought one. Also got a large popcorn and another soda since it was a hotter night.

Time for the first movie which was 'Wonder Woman'. Very good, not the best superhero movie I have ever seen like the reviews are saying. Still very good though. Movie done, back to the snack bar. This time I got a hot dog and some Powerades ( got to stay hydrated). I regretted not trying the nachos though. After that 'The Mummy' which in my opinion is not as bad as people are saying it is.

All in all an amazing experience. Loved listening to the movie through my radio, took me back to my childhood. The only thing missing are those old school drive-in intermission cartoons between the movies. The screen was just black in between the two movies. All this place needs is those little nostalgic cartoons and you have the perfect drive-in experience.

I would suggest checking the weather if you plan on going. Those cooler summer nights are the perfect drive-in experience. Also remember, turn your car to the accessory position to not drain your car battery. Don't be that guy that kills his battery at the drive-in.

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