A Wichita County grand jury has found no need to pursue action against a Wichita Falls police officer in a shooting that took place in February.

Officer John Ricketts attempted to stop Edward Washington III on Harding Street on February 3 at around 11 pm.  Washington fled and Ricketts pursued.  Washington’s car crashed into a fence on Otis Polk Blvd and Washington exited his vehicle and confronted Ricketts, who fired his weapon, striking Washington in the chest.  Washington was pronounced dead at United Regional a short time later.

According to a press release from WFPD Public Information Officer Joe Snyder:

The Grand Jury has reviewed the incident occurring between Mr. Edward Washington and Officer John Ricketts. At that time, the Grand Jury determined that no further action was warranted regarding the shooting of Mr. Washington by Officer Ricketts during the attempted felony arrest of Mr. Washington by Officer Ricketts on February 3, 2012