Neighbors and kids. Neighbors with kids. It can sometimes be a source of aggravation and discord. But with the right attitude and a little bit of creativity everyone can get along nicely.

Take this story for example. The poor guy's security camera was alerting him every evening but rather than a bad guy trying to break in it was just his neighbor's young son rolling his strider bike around on his driveway. Can't really blame the kid, it's a big, flat, expanse of concrete just begging to have his wheels on it.

Rather than get upset and stand in his doorway screaming at the kid and his parents to "Get off my yard!" this guy had a brilliant idea. He got some chalk and marked out a race course.

The first time he saw it the young cyclist wasn't quite sure what to do, but with a little prompting from his parents he learned to keep his bike between the lines.

Every time the rain washed away the chalk course the owner would mark out a new one, each one successively more difficult, sometimes with hairpin turns and back straights. And over the course of the summer you can see the tyke move up from a strider to an actual pedal bike, still keeping it between the lines.

You'll also see that over the course of the summer more neighborhood kids discovered the makeshift racetrack and took their turns.

In a world turned upside down with coronavirus this and coronavirus that, it's great to see these neighbors having fun together.

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