So you think you're a horror movie fan? and have the perfect job for you, streaming horror movies for 24 hours straight this Halloween. They'll even pay you $1,000 to do it.

Some look forward to Halloween, the parties, the costumes, the candy. Some would rather hide in the back bedroom and ignore the creepy neighborhood kids ringing their doorbell demanding you hand over the goods. Then there are those who are constantly searching for for more horror movies to watch. That's the ghoulish person that and are looking for.

There are some basic rules. You must be a legal U.S. resident, you must be 18 years old, you must have a current subscription to a streaming service, you must have an insatiable hunger for nightmare inducing cinema, you'll need a Twitter account to live-tweet your Halloween fright fest, and you must be able to stay up for 24 hours straight to do it.

Start working on your movie list now because with most films running from 90 to 120 minutes you'll need about twelve to sixteen titles. You can choose them from pretty much any site that can be streamed.

In return for your 24 fright filled hours and will pay you the monstrous sum of $1,000.  When you break that down over a 24 hour period that comes out to be about $41.666 per hour. Yikes!

You'll also get a $50 Starbucks card and candy. We're guessing the candy is for your neighborhood trick-or-treaters That Starbucks card could come in handy about 20 hour into your monster movie marathon.

If this sounds like something you're interested in just head over to and register.

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