In a shocking incident, a brawl broke out at a Texas concert, leaving fans shaken and bloodied.

Today, we're going to analyze a classy, arthouse film and break it down to see if we can catch any hidden meaning the director might have subtly placed in the edit.

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Just kidding, it's another fight video.  We don't do arthouse around here.

No Shirt No Shoes No Service

The video at the bottom of this article opens mid-melee.  One rascal has already lost his shirt and appears to be fighting off several other rascals by himself.


The Show Must Go On

At this point, it seems like everyone at this concert is either in the fight or taking a video of it. The band doesn't miss a beat, though, providing a pretty cool soundtrack for the skirmish. True professionals.



Security shows up, and by their body language, it doesn't seem like they feel like they're getting paid enough to get in the middle of what looks like the Royal Rumble at this point.


The End

That's it, the fight seems to wind down at this point.  Check out the video for yourself below and keep scrolling for the best comments from Twitter.


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