How do you make a swingset cool? Have it play music every time you swing.

I don't think kids need an excuse to swing. They're happy on a rusty swing set that is ready to fall apart, but this is a swingset that even adults think is pretty cool. This swing set was developed by Daily tous les jours, the french company is based out of Montreal and they take their interactive exhibits throughout the country.

These swings are currently set up at Bicentennial Park at 1000 North Broadway Avenue in Oklahoma City. So basically every swing corresponds to a different instrument. You could get a piano, a harp, or a guitar for example. If you can get all ten people to swing at once it apparently makes a beautiful symphony. Have to get some coorperation from the other folks swinging, but I would love to try this out.

It will be set up at this location until October 13th. Folks are encouraged to come from 9 AM to 9 PM until the swings move to a new location.

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