As if we needed more strangeness in our lives this year, the new Amazon electric delivery vehicle from Rivian has been spotted ... and heard ... on the streets of Los Angeles.

Amazon is exploring the future of electric vehicles and has hooked up with Rivian to build their new fleet of zero emission delivery trucks. If you've ever been around a Tesla you know how eerily quiet they can be at low speeds, say cruising through a residential neighborhood. In order to decrease the likelihood of people stepping out or other drivers pulling out in front of their new vehicles, Rivian built a sound into them.

Drive Tesla Canada shared a video of one of the new vehicles in action in a Los Angeles neighborhood and the futuristic, science fiction turned reality sound is ... interesting to say the least. In the video you hear the sound go from a low hum at idle to an increased pitch and volume as the vehicle picks up speed.

According to Reuters, all future electric vehicles or "quiet cars" are required to have an audible pedestrian warning system to emit an amplified sound when in motion below 18.6 mph.

Does this mean that the sounds the flying cars make in all of our favorite science fiction movies wasn't the sound of the super-electro-magnetic-hoverdrive elements that were reverse engineered from downed UFOs but was actually just the cinematic version of the 'beep beep' that trucks and heavy machinery make when they're about to back up? That would be totally disappointing.

Whether we've ordered anything from them or not, we all watch to see if the Amazon truck on our street will be stopping at our door, with the sound this new vehicle makes we'll be following it around like it was an ice cream truck and our parents just gave us a handful of coins to spend.

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