Yes, the coronavirus pandemic sucks, but people have managed to find a few ‘silver linings’ during the crisis.

I can say that for me, personally, one thing I’ve found is that I’m much more efficient when working from home. I almost always get everything done on my daily to-do list, mostly because there are very little distractions to deal with. I find it easy to stay on task and focus while working remotely.

A recent survey asked 2,000 people to name the top ‘silver linings’ they’ve found during the pandemic. Here are the top answers:

28% found the pandemic has saved them money.

28% have spent more quality time with family or friends.

28% have had more leisure time.

26% gained a better understanding of the challenges other people face such as unemployment, difficulty getting food, etc.

26% more appreciate things they used to take for granted.

25% now have a greater appreciation for their health.

25% have checked on someone else.

25% are eating more healthfully.

25% have thought about what’s most important in life.

24% are more aware of their health in general.

22% have reached out to a family member or friend they haven’t heard from in a while.

22% said they are enjoying more quality time with their pets.

21% are more physically active than usual.

20% have done something nice for someone else.

20% have learned new skills such as Zoom meetings, homeschooling and cooking.

How about you? Have you been able to find any positives during the crisis?

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