And just when I thought they couldn't possibly be any more terrifying.

The video below features an American Alligator seemingly trapped in a freezing body of water in Beaumont, Texas It looks dead.

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But that's not the case, as the narrator explains.



These suckers are cold-blooded, so they can enter a state of brumation, a reptilian form of hibernation. This allows them to conserve energy and survive in the chilly environment.

Keeping His Head Above Water

Apparently, the gator can tell that the water is going to freeze. So what he does is find a spot to lay down where his snout will still be above the water level to breathe. Then he waits for the water to freeze.

Barely Alive

The gator's heartbeat will then slow down to three beats a minute, according to the narrator. After the sun comes back out, he'll drag himself up to a sunny spot and get his body temperature back up to normal.

Check out the video below:

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While the frozen alligator saga may sound like a plot from a nature documentary, it was very much a reality in the winter of Texas. As temperatures eventually rose, the alligators returned to their usual warm-water habitats, leaving behind a tale of resilience and survival that will be retold for years to come. So, the next time you find yourself bundling up against the cold, spare a thought for the alligators who turned frozen Texas into their icy playground.

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