Just how safe do you feel living in Texas? Think you'd be safer in another city or state?

WalletHub broke down the safest cities in the country, looking at the 150 largest cities in the country, as well as at least two of the most populated cities in each state. For this list, WalletHub created an algorithm assigning values to various things that would impact a resident's overall safety, from physical to financial. The metrics analyzed were...

  • Presence of Terrorist Attacks
  • Number of Mass Shootings
  • Murders & Non-Negligent Manslaughters per Capita
  • Forcible Rapes per Capita
  • Assaults per Capita
  • Thefts per Capita
  • Sex Offenders per Capita
  • Law-Enforcement Employees per Capita
  • Active Firefighters per Capita
  • EMTs & Paramedics per Capita
  • Hate Crimes per Capita
  • Share of Sheltered Homeless
  • Perception of Safety (Safety walking alone during daylight/night)
  • Drug Poisoning Deaths per Capita
  • Traffic Fatalities per Capita
  • Pedestrian Fatalities per Capita
  • Road Quality
  • Earthquake Risk Level
  • Flood Risk Level
  • Hail Risk Level
  • Hurricane Storm-Surge Risk Level
  • Tornado Risk Level
  • Wildfire Risk Level
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Underemployment Rate
  • Share of Uninsured Population
  • Foreclosure Rate
  • Median Credit Score
  • Debt-to-Income Ratio
  • Poverty Rate
  • Fraud & Other Complaints per Capita
  • Identity-Theft Complaints per Capita
  • Share of Unbanked Households
  • Job Security
  • Employment Growth
  • Share of Households with Emergency Savings
  • Retirement Plan Access & Participation Rate
  • Personal Bankruptcy Filings per Capita
  • Share of Underwater Homes

Texas makes 16 appearances on the overall list, with half of the cities in the top 100. Among the Texas cities, Plano was at the highest point in 3rd place, and Dallas in the lowest at 161st. The Texas cities that made this list are:

City Rank
Plano, TX 3
Brownsville, TX 11
Laredo, TX 21
El Paso, TX 38
Grand Prairie, TX 41
Irving, TX 51
Corpus Christi, TX 69
Arlington, TX 70
San Antonio, TX 101
Fort Worth, TX 102
Austin, TX 123
Houston, TX 124
Amarillo, TX 127
Garland, TX 144
Lubbock, TX 145
Dallas, TX 161