If your yard is anything like mine, you're going to love what Lowe's is doing this spring.

Lowe's recently announced a company wide effort to inspire people to transform their homes and yards into their own destination places. After all, we've been spending a LOT more time at home lately.

To that end Lowe's is giving away free Garden-To-Go kits on Thursdays through the month of April. This week's kit is a Miracle-Gro planting kit but you need to register one week before the giveaway.

That just means it's time to register for the rest of the kits. The giveaway on April 15th is a Mystery Garden Pinata kit. You won't know what's inside it until you crack it open, but you know it's going to be something to make your yard a more pleasant place to hang out this spring and summer.

Registering for the kits is easy, you do it on Lowe's website. Then you swing by your handy neighborhood Lowe's and pick it up on the appropriate Thursday. Upcoming kits include items to help create a butterfly garden and 500,000 tree saplings to celebrate Earth Day 2021.

The first Garden-To-Go kit has come and gone, but there are plenty more to grab and there never seems to be an end to things to do you your home or yard. After all, a person's home is their castle, and it should be as beautiful and comfortable as he or she can make it.

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