No matter how hard we try to stay the course, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in ways we didn't expect. But probably should have seen coming.

It's not surprising that this news breaks during National Ice Cream Month, but ice cream manufacturers report that sales are up about 26% for the year. It also makes sense. You're stuck at home, some trying to work from home, some just staying home because their job is off line for the time being. Between tasks you take a break and reach for a snack. And seriously, what's better than a delicious bowl of your favorite ice cream? You can snack on it with the kids or between work tasks and not have to worry about alcohol impairing your judgement in the middle of the day.

Of course the calories from that bowl of happiness aren't exactly nutritious so you steadfastly maintain your workout routine, right? That's another aspect of the pandemic that has left its mark on many of us. The Quarantine 15. It's too easy to lose your motivation for staying fit without your workout buddies at the gym, or needing to fit into your formal clothes. In addition to being super comfy, sweat pants can also be very forgiving.

And then there's the whole personal hygiene aspect of staying home. According to the BBC, the company that makes Dove products has reported a marked decline in sales over the last few months. After all, when people aren't getting out of the house, there's no great need to maintain perfect hair and bathing habits. In Wichita Falls you'll need a shower after checking your mail or watering your plants, but that's not true around the world and the whole world has largely come to a screeching halt.

Even for the vast majority of us who will not be directly impacted by coronavirus, we've almost all been impacted by the worldwide response to the threat.

The best we can do at this point is try to maintain as much normalcy and routine in our lives as possible.

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