Full disclosure, never have I ever consumed even one can of White Claw Hard Seltzer. But Taylor Hancock has. In fact, he consumed so many over the course of the quarantine that he built a pirate ship from the empties.

OK, he didn't drink them all at once, but he did save all of the empty cans as the days, weeks, and months passed and decided to build something from them. His first creation was a ... woman ... of sorts.

She didn't last long, a gust of wind knocked her over and one of the legs fell off but the seeds of creativity were sown and grew closer to fruition with each successive can of White Claw.

It was somewhere around that time that Clawdia went to pieces on him that Taylor decided to shoot for the stars and chase after his own personal white whale. He decided to create a pirate ship.

He named the ship the S.S. Clawdia and she's made from 273 now empty but previously filled White Claw cans, some of the cardboard boxes that they arrived in, 400 hot glue sticks, a lot of time, and even more imagination.

The S.S. Clawdia comes with everything any well equipped pirate ship should have. A front. A back. A mast with a sail. A cannon on each side. A deck for the captain to stand on. That's when inspiration struck again and Taylor decided the SS Clawdia needed a captain. Captain WhitePaw to be exact.

After the initial seaworthiness test proved successful, the captain and crew took to the bridge for a sail around the swimming pool.

Sadly, the S.S. Clawdia's seagoing days came to an end when her builder and designer tried to sail her himself. (Cue up the theme song from Titanic) It seems Taylor is considerably better at building pirate ships than sailing them.

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