The line from the movie was, "If you build it, he will come." Nobody realized it would take 30 years!

According to Sports Illustrated, the iconic baseball diamond carved out of the cornfield in Dyersville, Iowa, for the movie Field of Dreams will actually be the scene of a major league baseball game.

In case you missed it, the movie Field of Dreams was released in 1989 and told the story of a young farmer in Iowa who heard voices telling him to build a baseball diamond. In his cornfield.

The movie starred Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan, Ray Liotta, James Earl Jones and several other notable actors and was quite a hit back in the day.

The baseball field is still there between the cornrows and has become quite a tourist destination in the Midwest. Over the years the location has hosted several events, but there has never been an actual major league baseball game played there. Until now. Major League Baseball announced on August 8th that the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox will play an official game there on August 13th, 2020. In order for this to happen the location of the field had to be rezoned from agricultural to commercial which ruffled the feathers of more than one local resident. Ultimately, the case made it up to the Iowa Supreme Court and the rezoning was upheld in December of 2016.

Image courtesy Google Maps
Image courtesy Google Maps

It looks like they'll have some construction to do to expand the single diamond into a full baseball complex with seating for spectators, but that just gives you a chance to plan your trip. It should be a once in a lifetime event! In fact, for some baseball fans it's sure to be a dream come true.

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