Some people hear voices. Other people see faces. Some sharp-eyed observers recently spotted a face in the Google Earth image of Antarctica and it's pretty darned interesting.

The face was reported on Instagram by someone calling themself  UFO Scandinavia and you can see it for yourself at 72°00'36.0"S 168°34'53.0"E.

This far from the first time that observers have noticed what appears to be a face in an otherwise barren landscape. The famous Face on Mars was discovered in an image captured by NASA's Viking 1 spacecraft back in 1976 and continues to be a topic of conversation and discussion as to whether it was placed there by an alien beings or is just the way the light is striking the landscape.

Image courtesy Coast To Coast AM
Image courtesy Coast To Coast AM

Unlike the image from more than 40 years ago, the current image from Antarctica is very high resolution and very sharp which leads one to wonder just how this came to be. Are these ancient monuments from long gone cultures and peoples? Or are they simply tricks of the light?

I'll leave that to you to figure out.

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