As an expert beer drinker at the station, I had to investigate.

So last night I attended my first Texas Rangers game of the year. I only went because as you can clearly see in the photo I am an Orioles fan. Orioles won 7-2 by the way. However, while walking around Globe Life Field, I happened to hear about the beer bats. I have seen these things at minor league baseball stadiums before and always wanted to get one.

Here was my big chance and I can see why a lot of folks don't get them now. First of all $25 to get this in the stadium. You can buy them online for $10, but as you know that will not come with your own beer. So what about this other $15? Well according to Google, a large draft beer at a Texas Rangers game is $12. So do I get more beer with the beer bat?

Nope, it is literally the same size as a large draft beer. The closer you get to the bottom of that bat, the smaller the beer. You're literally buying this for the gimmick of it. I won't lie, it is fun to carry this thing around park. Look at what I wear to games, I am all for stupid gimmicks at sporting events.

However, my biggest complaint and it is huge. Whoever designed this thing needs to be fired. The bottom is not flat. You have to hold this thing the whole time. No setting it down to eat your hotdog. You have to cradle it with your legs the whole time. Which means, that beer is getting warmer quicker. Do to whatever body part you have gripping this thing.

Can't wait til next season where the Rangers try to sell a $10 coozie for the beer bats. If someone in marketing steals that idea from me, you owe me a dollar from everyone sold.

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