Not often does a snowball take my breath away.

So I have been trying to find my snowball stand every summer. Nothing against any of the snowball stands here in Wichita Falls. I have tried several, but nothing has been a repeat visit for me. If you have a favorite, please let me know. Always love to try new things.

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Speaking of new things, I have never seen a snowball stand do this before. Over in Burkburnett at Boomtown Snowball, they have a special Disney snowball, they call the Disney on Ice. It is appropriately named that because it has the iconic Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bar at the top of it. It also features Mickey sprinkles and the one they showed off appears to be cherry. Sort of looks like Mickey's shorts when you order it like this.

They plan to do more Disney inspired flavors every Friday. Boomtown Snowball, may have to drive a little further to check you out, but from what I've seen. Looks like it will be worth it. Boomtown Snowball is located at 406 South Avenue D in Burkburnett.

Still holding out hope that one snowball stand in the area will get my egg custard snowball with marshmallow here. I know egg custard sounds disgusting, but believe me. It is the premiere snowball experience. Who knows, maybe this Disney on Ice can beat it, but right now my money is still with egg custard. Don't knock it til you try it.

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